Aaron Smith will run for Illinois 118th District Representative admin January 20, 2021
Aaron Smith will run for Illinois 118th District Representative
Aaron Smith State Representative

Aaron Smith, vice president at Smith-Hafeli Construction in Marion, announced his candidacy for Illinois 118th legislative district. Smith made the formal annoucement at an event at Tower Square Pizza.

Smith, who also serves on the John A. Logan College Board, says public service is in his nature. Smith says the debate in Springfield over how to redraw the state’s political maps inspired him to run.

“We had lost our representative to Springfield and somebody needed to step up and fill that gap and I feel compelled that that’s going to be me,” Smith said.

Smith criticized the mapping process, calling it another example of Chicago politics overstepping its boundaries. Smith also disagreed with vaccine and mask mandates and wants to fight for schools to have local control over what they teach.

“I believe in freedom. I believe that in order for anything else to work in our society we have to be free,” Smith said.

Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) is the current incumbent of the 118th District. Smith says he plans to run as a Republican.

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